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Protecting wild and domestic animals in France and around the world


Throughout her high-profile career, Brigitte Bardot has never wavered in her passion for animals. Much as she loved her own animals, the degree of misery faced by their fellow creatures prompted her to embrace others as well.  

She therefore decided to face up to the challenge and dedicate her life to the difficult cause of animal protection.  

Created in 1986 and officially recognised as an organization in the public interest in 1992, the aim of FONDATION BRIGITTE BARDOT is to promote and organise defence and protection for domestic and wild animals.


Today, FONDATION BRIGITTE BARDOT has more than 70,000 donors in over 70 countries and in excess of 280 investigators and volunteer representatives. Its head office is in Paris and including its 4 sanctuaries and seasonal staff, it employs more than 150 people.  

The foundation works directly on the ground through support for sanctuaries, rescuing animals, neutering campaigns for stray animals and support for homeless people.  

It also takes legal action in cases of cruelty or mistreatment with the help of its investigators and representatives throughout France. 

FONDATION BRIGITTE BARDOT works in both mainland France and the French overseas departments and territories, and support local initiatives all over the world. At the same time, it runs numerous information campaigns and is building its communications networks to provide even more information on animals in distress. 

The foundation works with several coalitions to help it do even more. Other members include the main international animal welfare organizations, working together on the basis of strength in numbers! 

It is also a member of Eurogroup for Animals in Brussels and World Federation for Animals, which campaign for stronger animal-welfare legislation in Europe and at an international level.  

As a member of SSN (Species Survival Network), FONDATION BRIGITTE BARDOT participates in CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. The issues discussed at CITES meetings include, amongst other things, the ivory trade, the disappearance of the polar bear and the decline in several species caused by international trafficking and habitat destruction. 

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FBB Sanctuary in Normandy

RESCUES: 4 sanctuaries in France housing over 7,000 animals rescued from mistreatments or slaughterhouses. From dogs and cats to horses, donkeys, sheep, cows, pigs and more. It’s quite a farmyard!

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LEGAL: Every year, the foundation launches over 2,000 investigations and brings over 300 civil actions and around 100 convictions. The authorities also seek its assistance on a regular basis. Animals are seized and and handed over to the Foundation until there is a judgment. 

Brigitte Bardot with French president Emmanuel Macron

LOBBYING: The foundation works with the political authorities to implement new regulations or contribute to amending existing rules. It is also very active with French parliamentarians and instigates numerous bills, against hunting with hounds, ritual slaughter or in favour of conscientous objection to animal experimentation. 

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WILDLIFE: The foundation regularly provides assistance to wildlife sanctuaries in France supporting treatment centres, aviaries, rehabilitation facilities and veterinary care. FONDATION BRIGITTE BARDOT rescues numerous wild animals. Its teams are ready to intervene at any time whenever an animal is suffering.

Stray cats

NEUTERING CAMPAIGNS: The foundation neuters over 12,000 stray cats in France every year to prevent their numbers from increasing, thanks to over 1000 agreements with local authorities who commit to leaving the animals where they are rather than putting them down.

Our projects and campaigns help animals in distress




Actions in over 70 countries. We support, create and fund protection and welfare programmes for wild and domestic animals. We participate in programmes to reintroduce wild animals into their natural environment.


Youth and Education


Youth and Education

Animal welfare also relies on raising awareness amongst younger generations. The foundation therefore produces fun and educational tools aimed at children, with a quaterly publication, the Info Journal Junior and a website, fbbjunior.com


Social Work


Social Work

The foundation also helps disadvantaged and homeless people by providing food and veterinary assistance.


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FONDATION BRIGITTE BARDOT is the French organisation which helps wild and domestic animals in France and around the world

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